Hi, welcome to the Sustain Music Project.  

We’re a Pacific Northwest-based classical music ensemble that presents innovative concerts, combining chamber music
with experiences ranging from yoga practice to culinary adventures, lighting, storytelling, and other artistic and theatrical experiences.
We play not only in traditional concert and recital halls, but also in homeless shelters, retirement communities, parks, and schools,
bringing music and art to audiences with limited access to the arts.

To us, music is a way to connect. To connect to ourselves – to let the sounds prompt us to step outside of our everyday life, to process our emotions, to enjoy the moment. To connect to our community – to realize that music, the universal language, can speak to each of us in a different way, allows to consider how we relate to the people around us, to encourage us to give back to our community.

Here at the Sustain Music Project, we approach our concerts a bit differently than most others do. Our programs tell stories
through music. We tell you what’s going on behind each piece – for instance, why the composer wrote it, what to listen for,
and what to think about while listening – and we connect it to what’s happening around us in the present. We partner with different artistic mediums (such as visual arts, food, and dance) and with community-serving nonprofits to
link music and life. It’s about creating a unique experience for you.

We believe that people who need music the most often have the least access to it, which is why we also perform our concerts at shelters, hospitals, schools, and other community-minded venues. We use music to make a difference in our world.

So whether you’ve never attended a classical concert before or you’ve loved classical music your whole life, we believe that you’ll find something unique in Sustain. We aim to use music to entertain, to challenge, and to inspire. We’re a group of musicians who create and perform classical music concerts that capture the interest of people just like you. We hope you come experience one of our concerts with us this season.

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the intersection of music and technology

March 18, 2024 | 7 PM
First Free Methodist Church
3200 3rd Ave W,Seattle, WA 98119

Experience the captivating fusion of music and math at “Algo-rhythms”, as part of the Common Tone Arts’ music series. This innovative concert features a diverse musical program ranging from Bach’s intricate fugues to a composition composed through computer algorithms. Immerse yourself in the multi-sensory experience as the six featured instruments—flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, and cello—unveil the intriguing connections between music and math, accompanied by mesmerizing video projections created by AI. Don’t miss this thought-provoking exploration of the powerful relationship between the worlds of sound and technology.

Suggested donation: $10-20

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Tessellations – Gabriella Smith
Viri Galilei – Palestrina
Art of the Fugue – JS Bach
Serenade – Ludwig van Beethoven
String Trio – Anton Webern
Ecstatic Science – Missy Mazzoli
Bloom – Elliot Cole

Quinn Price, violin
Kayleigh Miller, viola
Kathy Audas, cello
Allison Damon, trumpet
Hsing-hui Hsu, clarinet
Christina Medawar, flute

Past concerts

Flute and Guitar in the Park

August 18, 2023 | 3-4 pm
Hickman Park | 23700 104th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98020

Join the Sustain Music Project in the park for an afternoon filled with captivating South American music. Let the beautiful melodies of tangos, sambas, choros, and other dances come to life through our flute and guitar performance. Immerse yourself in the passionate rhythms and vibrant ambiance, evocative of Buenos Aires, Havana, and Bogota as we bring a taste of South America to Edmonds.
Bring a chair or a blanket and join us at Hickman Park!

This performance is free to attend and is sponsored by the City of Edmonds Art Commission.

Christina Medawar, flute
Mark Hilliard Wilson, guitar

Musical Masterpieces

Friday, July 28, 2023 | 1-3 pm
Spring District Park | 12167 NE 14th Terrace Bellevue, WA

Discover the magical world of woodwind chamber music through artistic expression!

The Sustain Music Project and Kidsquest Museum present “Musical Masterpieces”. This show introduces children to woodwind chamber music and demonstrates how music can evoke emotions and ignite conversations. Through visually captivating storytelling, kids will be encouraged to appreciate the beauty and diversity of music while exploring their own artistic expression.

Paint to the Music: Kids will have a blast painting to the enchanting melodies of woodwind chamber music. Let the music inspire your creativity and create your own masterpieces!

Make Your Own Woodwind Instruments: Learn about different woodwind instruments and get hands-on by making your very own! Discover the unique sounds and timbres they produce and explore the world of musical possibilities.

Jazz Brunch

Saturday, May 13 | showtimes 10:30 & 2:30
Resonance Events | 288 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Get ready for a musical and culinary journey like no other! Join us for a four-course brunch featuring the lively sounds of flute and jazz piano trio. Our special guest, Damoori Kitchen, renowned for its homestyle Lebanese cuisine, will delight you with dishes made from authentic and fresh ingredients – family recipes that have been passed down through generations. The fusion of classical and jazz music will be playful and fun, perfectly complementing the delicious food. It’s a feast for the senses that you won’t want to miss. Join us for a joyful and unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling nourished in body and spirit. Come ready to tap your toes and savor the flavors of this unique musical and culinary pairing!
WA Mozart – Concerto in G Major
Claude Bolling – Suite for flute and jazz piano
Jazz standards
Mike Mower – Sonata latino

BRUNCH MENU (10:30 am show)
-Citrus Plate with Fresh Mint, Pine Nuts, & Rose Water
-Lebanese Mezze Brunch Board (olives, cheese, crackers)
-Ful Mudamas (simmered fava beans)
-Knafeh bi Jibn (a two-layer dessert made of semolina dough and unsalted cheese, baked and served with sugar syrup)

Chamber Colony Collaboration

The Sustain Music Project Woodwind Quintet had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with high schoolers from Edmonds Woodway in a program called “Chamber Colony”. Once a week, the quintet met with the students and coached them on how to play chamber music. Throughout the program, the students learned valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and musical expression. The program culminated in a combined performance, which was free to the public and held at the Edmonds Marina. It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved, as the students had the opportunity to showcase their newfound skills and perform alongside professional musicians, while the quintet was able to share their passion for music and mentor the next generation of musicians.

The Sustain Music Project’s wind quintet hosted a family-friendly concert that explored woodwind instruments, featuring the classic “Peter and the Wolf” and a new musical story entitled “Rescue”. The program brought music to life through fun, creative classical music, and emphasized the importance of finding our own artistic voices. It was a fantastic opportunity for families to enjoy a lively and engaging concert, while learning more about woodwind instruments and the power of music.

June 1 – 2-4 pm at KidsQuest Musuem, Bellevue
June 2 – 4:30-6:30 pm at Bellevue Farmer’s Market
July 24 – 3-4 pm at Hickman Park, Edmonds

At the event, “Synaesthesia: the blending of the senses”, attendees were able to experience the beautiful sounds of classical guitar and flute in a two-hour exploration of imaginative music and art. Visual artist Soo Hong was live painting as the musicians played, creating a unique and immersive experience for the audience.

August 4 – 7-9 pm at St. John’s United Church, Seattle
August 6 – 3:30-5 at the plaza at Resonance Events, Bellevue
August 11 – 4:30-6:30 pm at Bellevue Farmer’s Market
August 12 – 6-7 pm at Bothell Summer Art Night
September 15 – 5-7 pm at Edmonds Art Walk, Edmonds

Rescue – a musical story

Join the Sustain Music Project’s wind quintet for a musical story entitled “Rescue”. This program introduces kids to fun, creative classical music as we listen to an original story that goes along with the music.

The story is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic from the point of view of a puppy that is adopted by a family during the quarantine. It addresses the emotions that the children experience; the characters learn that the separation exists because of love and respect for fellow humans.

Musicians: Christina Medawar, flute; Selina Greso, oboe; Steven Morgan, bassoon;
Jill Jacques, horn; Angeliquie Poteat, clarinet

“Paint the Music”

Our 2021 online series of concerts featured
local Pacific Northwest musicians and visual artists
who collaborated to create beautiful experiences filled with art and music.


World premiere of “Evergreen” by Robert Honstein
arx duo (Mari Yoshinaga and Garrett Arney), percussion
Eva Vernitska, visual artist

The Seattle-based arx duo performed the world premiere of Robert Honstein’s “Evergreen”, a new piece for percussion duo. According to Rob, the piece represents “the sense of hope and joy expressed [and] serves as a beautiful reminder of our collective resiliency in the face of great difficulty.”

Our featured visual artist was Eva Vernitska from the Pacific Northwest Art Laboratory. In response to the music, she created a stunning mixed media artwork of Mother Nature’s dual sides of serenity and turmoil. Explore the intertwining worlds of music and visual art as the 30 minute piece’s winding yet meditative sounds from the marimba and vibraphone take us on a journey. Just as the evergreen tree is a symbol of strength and perseverance, we are reminded of art’s power to endure and to join us together in community.

Link to Concert


Christina Medawar, flute
Heidi Barnett, visual artist

The Sustain Music Project presents the second concert in the spring 2021 series “Paint the Music”, in which local classical musicians and visual artists collaborate to create unique evenings of music and art. Join us for four beautiful pieces for solo flute, paired with the vividly colorful art of Heidi Barnett.

Goldfish Songs – Jenni Brandon
Left Behind – Sarah Bassingthwaighte (world premiere)
Hxó – Sungji Hong
Sonata Flautísima – Miguel del Aguila

Link to Concert


Luka Sešek, violin
Amber Archibald-Sešek, viola
Kimberly Adams, visual artist

The Sustain Music Project presents the final concert in our online concert series “Paint the Music”, in which local classical musicians and visual artists collaborate to create unique evenings of music and art.

This concert features three thrilling pieces for violin and viola paired with the vibrant oil landscapes of Kimberly Adams.

Water Pastel – Angelique Poteat
Passacaglia – Georg Friedrich Handel/Johan Halvorsen
Three Madrigals, H. 313 – Bohuslav Martinů

Link to Concert

2019-2020 concerts


February 6, 2020
Resonance at SOMA Towers

Mystical and otherworldly sounds abound in George Crumb’s The Voice of the Whale, the inspiration for this unique concert. To transport the audience deep under the sea, masked musicians performed the piece under blue light. Each piece in the evening’s varied program of chamber music for flute, cello, and piano was paired with stunning displays of color and light designed to bring out the emotional depths of the music. Adding to the experience were unusual musical techniques that test the limits of what these instruments—and musicians!—can do.


October 20, 2019
Taproot Theater, Seattle

An unforgettable performance connecting us to the deeply emotional experience of domestic abuse. 

Through the storytelling power of music and words, this program took listeners on the journey experienced after trauma: shock, grief, and isolation that can be transformed into joy, peace, and hope for the future. Interspersed among the emotionally rich chamber music pieces are the impactful stories of those helped by New Beginnings: Ending Domestic Violence.


September 14, 2019
Resonance at SOMA Towers

Imagine all of your senses uniting on a truly unique journey through movement, sound, and taste!  

This immersive experience paired yoga led by Dikla Kafta with live music for flute and marimba. Beginning with Bach and Schubert and journeying through newer compositions, the music followed the arc of the yoga class through pranayama (breathing), flow, seated poses, and shavasana. Following the class, we featured three wines  from the local Kirkland winery Northwest Cellars. 

Board of Directors

Christina Medawar


Jenna Labourr

Vice President/Treasurer

Yoko Okano


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