Amber Archibald-Sešek

Amber Archibald-Sešek has been praised for her bold and vivacious
playing that matches her personality. Prior to the pandemic, Amber enjoyed multiple solo engagements in Seattle and with the Association of Dominican Musicians in New York City. As a chamber musician, she has appeared with the Seattle Russian Chamber Music Society, Arizona Bach Society, Caroga Lake Music Festival, and the Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival in Winthrop, Washington. Since 2016, you can regularly catch Amber on stage or in the pit with Seattle Symphony and the Seattle Opera as a substitute musician.

Teaching has always been a passion and at the forefront of Amber’s
career. Her prior teaching posts include professorships at Seattle
University and Seattle Pacific University. In 2018, Amber was the youth viola coach in the inaugural Los Angeles Philharmonic’s YOLA Summer Festival (NTASF). Currently, Amber and her husband, violinist Ervin Luka Sešek, are the proud founders of the Sešek String Studio. With over 50 students, Amber and Luka stay in demand as their instruction over the years has allowed several of their students to pursue music at the collegiate and professional levels. Outside of music making, Amber enjoys cooking, reading and playing with her Standard Poodles, Fanny and Felix.